Preventative Maintenance

Lets Keep everything running smoothly 

Preventative Maintenance is one of Woodley Griggs most important offerings. We help you by identifying small matters with combustion analysis, energy efficiency and system diagnoses, before they turn into big matters.

Woodley Griggs will also assist in preparation for certificate renewals and inspection.

P-M Services Offered by Woodley Griggs:

  • Inspect and clean tubes.
  • Inspect all air and fuel linkages
  • Gasket replacement
  • Inspection of all controls for water levels.
  • Remove loose scaling from water-side surfaces
  • Clean and check boiler breeching
  • Inspect all glass gauge assemblies
  • Inspect Remove accumulation of soot from fire-side surfaces
  • Fuel valve(s) for proper function
  • Inspect and make minor repairs to refractory
  • Inspection of all interlock, safety, limit and operating controls
  • Inspect valve condition
  • Inspection and repair of pumps and water feed systems

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