New Boiler Installs & Repairs

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Boiler System Planning and Design

From planning a new plant, to piping and components, Woodley Griggs can help through its third-party affiliations, plan and provide design services customized for your requirements. We enhance the design team’s efforts by providing recommendations for advances in technology and operating efficiencies.

Installation By A Professional Is Important

Although boilers have simpler mechanics than furnaces and heat pumps, they are not simpler to install. Any appliance that circulates water requires professional installation to make certain that the system performs up to its potential. A poorly installed boiler runs the risk of causing water damage around it due to leaking or improper placement. Like any heater, boilers must also receive proper sizing so that they provide the level of heat required for a home without overworking and becoming inefficient. Sizing a boiler requires skilled professionals familiar with multiple manufacturers.

Accurate diagnoses and repairs should only be performed by highly qualified and certified boiler technicians. Less professional work often results in further water leaks and the problems that can proceed from those situations. Only have licensed professionals repair gas powered boilers to prevent possible toxic gas leakage and explosive hazards. Don’t take chances! Call Woodley Griggs for efficient and effective restoration of your system.

Servicing the Following (and more)

Woodley Griggs routinely serves virtually all boiler needs, including in the following markets:

  • Food Processing and Chemical Plants
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Hospitals and Medical Office Buildings
  • Government and Military Facilities
  • Distilleries and Breweries
  • Management companies and residential communities
  • Multi-Family Projects
  • Office Buildings
  • Educational and Religious Facilities
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Plants
  • Hotels
  • Convention Facilities
  • And More

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