The Advantages of a Boiler

There are a few important advantages boilers have over other systems, like furnaces, that you should consider when you are looking for a new heating system.

Clean heating:

A problem that forced air heaters often encounter is that the air channeled through the ductwork can pick up dust, dirt, dander, and other particles that collect in the ventilation system. Boilers radiate heat directly into rooms through baseboard heaters and radiators, resulting in better indoor air quality, especially valuable for homes with pets or people who have allergies.


Boilers circulate hot water or steam, and this requires fewer mechanical moving parts than other heating systems. The reduced amount of mechanical wear translates into fewer repairs during its lifetime. Boilers often outlast other comfort systems.

Even heating:

The heat that comes from baseboard heaters and radiators spreads evenly out through a space. The heat coming out of a vent from a furnace or a heat pump: the heated air usually gathers at the ceiling, and takes longer for the room to warm up.

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