Here at Woodley Griggs we are a team of experts here to assist your needs whether they are big or small. Let us take car of everything from start to finish until satisfaction is 100 percent. 

Woodley Griggs specializes in the repair and maintenance of both commercial and industrial boilers, most makes and models. We offer service in the greater Kansas City metro and surrounding, including outlying rural areas. Please contact us for expert boiler servicing or design and installation.

Our scope of work can include:

  • Working with alternate sources of fuel
  • Yearly servicing
  • Upgrade and/or replace burner and boiler controls
  • Hot water, steam and gas pipe repairing and replacement
  • Preventive maintenance inspection
  • Entire boiler retubing
  • Install energy control management systems
  • Testing of combustion efficiency and adjustment
  • Burner control systems
  • Retrofitting and burner converting
  • Oil filtration and control systems
  • Maintenance servicing the majority of domestic boilers and related systems
  • Gas control systems
  • Boiler section replacement
  • In season tuning
  • Conservation of energy for fuel $avings

Contact Us

5918 Maple Drive Mission, KS 66202


Woodley-Griggs keeps our boiler system operational which is not an easy task as it is an older system that has required several retrofits over the years.

Medical Research Facility, Kansas City