Woodley-Griggs Mechanical, LLC is pleased to offer our professional services to complete and of your projects that you may need. We are "R" stamp certified

Our years of experience entitles us to be able to do complete boiler overhauls, complete re-tubes, burner replacment and retrofits, controls, boiler replacement and pressure piping repair. We do emergency repairs and package boilers, job-built boilers, tubes, and ASME "R" stamp repairs, for a full list of our services, click here

We are on call 24 hours a day, through and after hours answering service, in order to serve all our customer's needs and emergencies. Woodley-Griggs Mechanical, LLC provides quality craftsmanship repairs on boilers, heat exchangers, pressure and power piping. 

Other customers we service include chemical plants, hospitals, food processing plants, dairy plants, school districts, hotels, various manufacturing facilities as well as residential single and multi-family dwellings throughout the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. 

Woodley-Griggs Mechanical, LLC consists of professional Boilermakers that provide quality, high-standard craftsmanship to the completion and satisfaction of every one of our customers requirements. Our employees take pride in administering their meticulous craft each and every day. Our dedication to attention to detail is what seperates Woodley-Griggs from the competition. 

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